Waterless Skincare: The Next Big Thing in Beauty Industry

Gone are the days when water was merely a filler ingredient. As waterless skincare and clean beauty gain momentum, a new star has emerged. Waterless Skincare, captivating skincare brands, and beauty aficionados alike, is set to become the next big thing. It reimagines traditional formulations and treatments, offering a fresh and transformative experience for both our skin and the planet.

“We tend to see water all around us, and we think it’s never going to run out, but that’s not the reality. There is not enough pure water on the earth to go around, let alone to go into your beauty aisle.”, said the founder of Green & Bare, Janelle Changuion, who believes that waterless skincare is the future of sustainable products in the beauty industry.

With that in mind, one might wonder, “Is waterless skincare better?”. To answer this, let’s start with – what is its best value?

What is Waterless Skincare?

Waterless skincare also known as BYO (bring your own) waterless skincare is a self-care product formulated without water. Ingredients such as butter, wax, oils, antioxidants, and other natural extracts are used as a base for these products.

This convenient yet sustainable alternative to conventional water-based products comes in many formats, i.e., bars, powders, balms, sheets, or sticks, and all these natural ingredients are then activated by the introduction of water.

As two-thirds of the world’s population may face water scarcity by 2025, the pressure is on us because, as consumers, we should be mindful of what we are using daily.

With waterless cosmetics sals projected to grow by 13.3% by 2031, more and more skincare brands are removing water from the equation, allowing consumers to have access to more waterless skincare products that have a longer shelf life, more concentrated formulations, and reduced packaging waste.

A Leap Towards Eco-Sustainability

With environmental concerns at the forefront, the beauty industry is embracing waterless skincare for a greener future. By eliminating water-based formulations, brands are reducing their ecological footprint while delivering highly effective products. This innovative approach not only enhances skincare results but also reflects a profound commitment to preserving our planet’s resources.

3 Reasons Why More People Go for Clean Beauty

Embodying the perfect trifecta of being sustainable, effective, and hygienic, waterless skincare is on the rise in the era of more conscious living, bringing benefits not only to consumers’ skin but also to our mother Earth.


Among the most noteworthy benefits of sustainable, waterless skincare is its environmentally friendly nature. Typical skincare products require a substantial amount of water during manufacturing, contributing to excessive water use and the worldwide water crisis.

We can preserve the scarce water supply and minimize our carbon footprint by opting for these types of products. On top of that, the absence of water in formulations results in smaller packaging made of much fewer materials.

Shipping weight and floor space are reduced due to lighter, smaller packing, thereby bringing down the ecological impact.


Another significant benefit of effective, waterless skincare is getting hold of a more concentrated solution. These water-free skincare products are saturated with potent, skin-loving active ingredients that can provide greater skin-soothing effects, given that they are not diluted with water. Skincare brands or businesses make use of healthy oils and other natural oil extracts as a base to replace water.

There is also no reason to infuse preservatives, considering the lack of water in waterless skincare products means that the growth of bacteria is minimal. Moreover, it can also help protect the most sensitive skin, from irritation triggered by preservatives in skincare products.


Likewise, the absence of water in these hygienic, skin care products contributes to the quality and extended shelf life. Water acts as an ideal environment for germs, leading to preservatives in the formulation of skin types of conventional skincare to extend lifespan.

Waterless skincare eliminates preservatives by removing the breeding ground of bacteria, resulting in cleaner, safer skin products. Plus, a longer shelf life reduces waste, enabling beauty brands and consumers to maximize each skincare product.

Join the Waterless Skincare Revolution with Sky Resources

In conclusion, waterless skincare is the next big thing in clean beauty. These water-free products offer women a compelling alternative to conventional self-care products with their innovative yet hygienic formulations, concentrated formulas, and reduced environmental impact.

By opting for waterless skin and body care options, your consumers are able to achieve effective results while minimizing your brand’s carbon footprint.

Take the first step today by incorporating “waterless” into your next skincare line. Sky Resources has got you covered, whether it’s a nourishing facial oil, rejuvenating powder mask, or a refreshing charcoal face wash.

Building a brand new line of waterless skincare might come as unchartered territory for many, have peace of mind knowing that we are all in and will be with you every step of the way to create it with our all-inclusive OEM skincare manufacturing solutions.


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