Providing a Holistic solution for all types of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Products

As one of the pioneer Skin Care & Cosmetic OEM manufacturer in Malaysia, our experienced Research & Innovation team has accumulated extensive amount of different formulation catering for a diverse range of demographics, targeting different market segments.

Dermatology Professionals

We believe that healthier skin leads to a happier life. Which is the reason why we provide professional-grade skin care product formulation that are backed by science and innovation, made specifically for dermatologist, skin therapists & skin aesthetic experts.

All the professional-grade products are animal cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and made without artificial colorants & fragrance.

Mass Market Consumers‘ Brands

Building a consumer Brand requires enormous amount of effort.  Leverage on our experienced Research & Innovation lab to help you expand your product portfolio, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s important in your brand building journey. 

Our product development specialist has work with diverse group of clientele all around the world.  We are able to formulate the right Skin Care solution according to your needs. Let us help you grow your brand into new horizons.

Bespoke Formulation for Personal Brands

Sky Resources started as a Beauty Parlor in 1997.  Starting your own personal Brand may seem unreachable at first, but fret not, our extensive amount of in-house formulations for private label can help you kick start your dream with a boost!

Select from our flexible range of tried and tested formulation, with personalized customization, covering your major & minor manufacturing needs, together with the product packaging & design as well.

Whether you are looking for contract manufacturing, private label or even just beginning your own start-up brand, our experienced team of Research & Innovation chemist will formulate according to your product requirements, including but not limited to:

We constantly pair beauty with scientific innovation, providing professional quality to cater the growing demand of beauty products for established brands, aesthetic professionals, retailers and ultimately, the consumers.

All of our products are animal cruelty-free, and in compliance with Halal requirements.

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