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Our Culture

Principles that Define Us

We strongly believe that our principles and values set us apart from the rest. They are not just words on a page, but the foundation of our work culture and the beacon in everything we do. To put simply, these principles are the common thread that unites us all at Sky Resources.

One for All,
All for One

The culture of collaboration goes beyond one’s level of seniority in Sky Resources. With an aim in mind to bring clientele the best of our OEM solutions, we believe that teamwork, open communication, and respect towards one another are vital in shaping a stronger, more efficient team.

Diverse Team,
United Purpose

Sky Resources strongly believes breakthroughs can only happen when diverse voices are part of the conversation. On top of sharing a common purpose, recognizing different perspectives and tapping into the full potential of our diverse team allows us to bring more effective solutions to the table.

Act with
Uncompromised Integrity

We strive to be a company you will be proud to work with. Apart from providing a safe workplace, it is one of Sky Resources’ utmost priorities to conduct all of our business operations with the highest ethical standards and be accountable to our employees and customers.

Be Part of Our Ever-growing & Innovative Team

Jumpstart your career with Sky Resources – a space that inspires, supports and empowers you to take on challenges coming your way. Let’s
strive to stay ahead on this innovation playground and be recognised as a reliable and preferred OEM skincare manufacturer. Send us your
portfolio and we’ll contact you once the opportunity arises!

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Internship Programmes for Long-term Insight

Attain the experience and knowledge related to your field of study as well as a coveted addition to your resume. High-performing candidates will potentially be offered employment upon their graduation. Send us your portfolio and we’ll contact you once the opportunity arises!


Wanted to discover the world of Skin Care?

Collaboration partners of UTAR, INTI, MONASH, SENTRAL, TARUC, Government university for students to undergo this internship. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma, with priority given to Malaysian students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in:

Accounting & Finance
Arts & Design
Biological Sciences
Business Administration / Management

Chemical Engineering
Digital Media / Technology
Information Technology
Language Studies / Linguistics

Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Package Engineering

– Open to students at all years of study, with priority given to final year bachelor students
– Min CGPA of 3.0, or equivalent
– Min 12 weeks duration for internship placement, exclusions are made based on student’s circumstances

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Life at Sky Resources

We believe that employees who work together, have fun together, stay together. Glimpse through a few of our recent events and activities our employees are most excited about.

Employee Appreciation Events

Celebrating the hard work and achievements of our employees, accompanied by food and fun activities.

Sky Resources Employee Appreciation Events

Cultural Events Celebration

Dressing up, celebrating special occasions or major religious events, and having a great time together.

Sky Resources Group Cultural Events Celebration

Volunteer Projects

Giving back to the communities and working together to make a difference among people in need.

Sky Resources Volunteer Projects

Our People

Meet Erica, our business development team leader here at Sky Resources. She has been a valuable asset to our team, and we are delighted to share with you her thoughts on what it is like to work with us.

business development team leader at Sky Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to submit when applying for a job or internship? 

Generally, you need to submit your resume, cover letter, and any other relevant documents like certificates, transcripts and references.

How long does it take for the hiring process to complete? 

 It varies from company to company, but generally, the hiring process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

How many days would it require for your company to respond? 

 If you are selected, you will be contacted by phone or email within 14 days.

Can I follow up on my job or internship application? 

Yes. We appreciate the interest shown by candidates and encourage them to follow up on their applications if they haven’t received any response within a few weeks.

What skills and experience do you look for in a job or internship candidate? 

The skills and experience required may vary for each position, but we generally look for strong communication, technical and problem-solving skills, along with relevant experience and academic qualifications.

Do you offer any training or support for new employees ?

Yes, we offer training and support to help new employees and interns succeed in their roles and reach their career goals.