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Best Skincare OEM Manufacturer

How to Choose the Best Skincare OEM Manufacturer in Malaysia?

As globalization continues to expand worldwide, so does the demand for quality products. With the rise of OEM skincare manufacturer in Malaysia, brands and businesses have found a way to achieve both quality and efficiency to get the beauty product they need. Nonetheless, with so many options out there, we understand that it can be challenging at times to find out which OEM skincare manufacturer is the right fit for your private label needs. 

Truth be told, Sky Resources Sdn Bhd believes that the right OEM partner can truly make all the difference, especially when it comes to getting your skincare brand on the path to success. This is because choosing the wrong one may lead to chaotic consequences such as product recalls, poor quality control, and more, all leading to brand damage as a whole.

That being the case, whether you’re just starting out in the beauty industry or looking to take your skincare business to the next level, we are here to help every brand make an informed choice when it comes to the best skincare manufacturer.

An Overview of the Skincare OEM Manufacturing Process

Before we uncover the top tips for choosing the right private label or OEM skincare manufacturer, let’s explore every aspect of the skincare manufacturing process and have a behind-the-scenes look at how skincare or cosmetic products come to be.

As a preferred skincare manufacturing company in Malaysia with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in place, here is the overall production flow of Sky Resources Sdn Bhd, which involves the following steps:

Product Conceptualization 

It all begins with the concept development of what you need with the help of our OEM skincare expertise. Our business development team will take you through some recent ingredient trends, if needed, according to the crowd you wish to target.

Research & Development 

We will start developing the formula according to the pre-discussed requirements. Our R&D team will choose the needed ingredients, determine their dosages, and test them out for safety and effectiveness, whilst waiting for regulatory approval.

Sourcing of Ingredients 

Our sourcing team will filter out reputable ingredient suppliers and negotiate with them to fit the brand’s budget. Moreover, we ensure that the ingredients we need to manufacture skin care products meet all regulatory requirements as well as industry standards.

Packaging Design 

Product packaging is more than just eye-catching, as it plays a vital role in protecting and preserving the supplements within. Our in-house packaging designers with a keen eye for packaging trends will ensure products stand out on shelves.

Quality Control 

All ingredients will undergo stringent quality control and testing to determine their purity as well as potency before mass production, making sure the end batch of products is consistent and meets the required specifications at the hands of customers.

Content Mixing 

The sourced ingredients are mixed and blended evenly to produce a uniform final formula effectively and efficiently, thanks to our advanced mass-production tech and equipment placed in a controlled environment. 

Packing & Labeling 

Subsequently to mass production, the finished skincare products are packaged into containers of choice. Then we will label them with all the necessary information, such as the brand logo, product name, ingredients used, recommended use, etc.

Quality Control

This last assessment involves testing of skincare products to ensure they adhere to quality standards and regulations. Our quality control team will determine whether the end products are ready for distribution.

Warehouse & Delivery

Prior to delivering your skincare products to preferred destinations by reputable courier companies, the packaged and labeled products will be stored in a controlled environment until they are ready to be delivered to you.

But First, Understand Your Skincare OEM Product Needs 

Whether you are an established brand looking to grow your business or a newcomer to the scene, the importance of understanding your OEM skincare or private label needs cannot be overstated. From ingredient formulation to packaging design, every aspect of the skin care product of your dream should be tailored to cater for the target market’s unique preference.

Hence, before diving headfirst into production, consider particular needs with your preferred OEM manufacturer, a skincare manufacturer, to be exact.

Sky Resources believes that no one knows your potential products better than you. You know what kind of skincare product you want to create, and you probably already have a clear notion of the innovative formulation you want to introduce to the market.

In point of fact, giving the OEM skincare manufacturer of choice as much input as possible will truly help. On the other hand, the right skincare manufacturing company should also be able to inquire the right questions to ensure they are on the same page as you.

9 Tips to Pick the Right OEM Skincare Manufacturer beyond Malaysia

Selecting the right OEM partner from a pool of skincare manufacturing companies in Malaysia gets tricky, considering the expansion of Malaysian skincare export and supply. In addition, some manufacturers might provide poor-quality goods, while some take a very long period of time to deliver the end products to you, disrupting the overall project timeline as a whole.

That is why we have noted 9 checklists you need to spot when seeking out the best skincare manufacturer.

Uncover Their Experience, Expertise & Esteem 

You can start by looking for an OEM skincare manufacturer with a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality skincare as well as cosmetic products.

Their years of experience providing one-stop contract OEM, ODM as well as private-label solutions can further determine their capability to offer holistic services that can exceed expectations. 

Find out the Source of Ingredients & Raw Materials 

Should the OEM skincare manufacturer be transparent about their various certifications in place and the sourced ingredients needed, chances are you made the right choice to leave your OEM skincare needs in their hands.

A responsible partner will only find the best, licensed raw materials, in order to produce the best above the rest. 

Explore Service Availability & Product Formats Options 

It is a smart move to choose an OEM skincare manufacturer that provides one-stop solutions that support different product formats, i.e. gel, cream, etc.

Look into skincare manufacturing companies that are capable of being with you every step of the way, from conceptualization, research and development, packaging design, quality control, etc. 

Look into the Proficiency of the Customer Service Team

A customer support team that listens attentively to your needs will help in bringing out the best version of your skincare products.

Expect fast, effective communication if you pick an OEM skincare manufacturer that trains their team with extensive know-how, so you will stay informed about the overall production process.

Ask about the Minimum of Quantity (MOQ) 

One important factor to consider when looking into an OEM skincare manufacturer is the Minimum of Quantity (MOQ).

Getting to know their MOQ alongside the unit price allows you to make informed decisions according to pre-discussed budget. In addition, you are able to manage inventory effectively and save costs if excess production is avoided. 

Assess Quality Control & Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that the OEM skincare manufacturer of choice practices strict quality control and regulatory compliance processes throughout their operation.

And with that, have peace of mind knowing that the end products received will meet industry standards and are safe for use among your customers.

Discover the Turnaround Time of Every Order

Working with an OEM skincare manufacturer is a long-term relationship, and it is best if you reach out as soon as possible in order to get the products you need to market them on time.

For instance, it takes us approximately 4 to 6 months to mass-produce skincare products, which is why you need to reach out before the interval, as mentioned above. 

Consider the Cost-effectiveness According to the Budget

As cliché as it sounds, you get what you pay for. However, it does not mean that you have to pay more than you get.

Look for an OEM skincare manufacturer that not only offers what you need, but also competitive pricing according to the company’s budget. This will help you achieve cost-effectiveness without sacrificing the quality of received products. 

Review the Contract & Evaluate the Compatibility 

In hopes of achieving a win-win scenario, it is essential to find an OEM skincare manufacturer that aligns with your brand’s values and overall practice.

Furthermore, before finalizing your partnership, review the service agreements to make sure both parties have a clear understanding when it comes to the terms and conditions. 

Finding the Right OEM Manufacturer Can Make All the Difference

All in all, we do hope that this blog will help brands get a great insight into the matter of finding the best skin care manufacturer beyond Malaysia. Keep in mind that everything takes time when it comes to navigating the complex process of skincare product manufacturing. However, partnering with a reliable and trustworthy skincare manufacturer will offer market-ready formulation so one can market the dream products quicker than ever. 

At Sky Resources Sdn Bhd, we have a range of market-ready skincare formulations that are potent and safe upon application. Our team strives to come up with skin care products that resonate with your target audience, and at the same time, increase brand’s visibility and profitability in the competitive skincare market.

Likewise, we take pride in our flexible private label or OEM skincare manufacturing solutions in compliances with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) , delivering products that exceed expectations. As we are celebrating our 31 years of excellence this 2023, making the most of our partnership and top-notch expertise will be a wise move to bring your vision to life.

Reach out to us NOW for our latest insights of skincare and cosmetic products to conquer the beauty world.


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