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Skincare Trend

2024 is all about (and not limited to) embracing the 3S in beauty

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2024 Skincare Trends: The Next Big Thing in Beauty Industry     ··················································································································     1

The Best of Both Worlds: Korean & Japanese Skincare Trends     ················································································································     2

Moving Forward: Embracing the Future of Skincare & Beauty Trends     ·····································································································     3

Wrapping up     ······························································································································································································     4

2024 Skincare Trend

The Next Big Thing in Beauty Industry

As the sun slowly but surely, sets for 2023, a new dawn approaches for the beauty industry.

In 2024, not only the beauty industry transcends its former benchmarks, the skincare market will be looking bright, and we are set to witness the shifting approaches to how we show some TLC to our skin.

From duo-use hybrid products to universal beauty, get ready to dive in as we unveil the next big thing in skincare.

1. Waterless Skincare

With eco-consciousness at an all-time high, the waterless skincare trend has been bubbling beneath the surface for a while, and it is poised to make waves in the sustainable beauty industry. In hopes of reducing water consumption and conserving resources, using skincare products like solid cleansers or sun-sticks that don’t require water is a smart way to look good while being kinder to the planet. Moreover, this revolutionary approach to beauty allows us to pack our favorite skincare for travel without worrying about leakage or TSA restrictions.


2. Edible Beauty

This inner-out approach to beauty is up-and-coming as more consumers turn their gaze towards holistic beauty and wellness. Edible beauty or functional food made for skincare is a convenient and effective way to get that glow, especially for those who are always on the run. With so many product forms to choose from, edible skincare or beauty supplements can come in powder, jelly, capsule or beverage form. A future where beauty and wellness are seamlessly intertwined awaits, where good skin begins with what we put in our bodies.