Sky Resources Group Cares

Sky Resources believes that attract and retain our talents is the key issue for company growth. The company is glad to support as a platform and develop a culture of constant improvement. We love to encourage our employees to incentivize innovation and facilitate communication with the management without having the fear of being misunderstood.

Sky Resources appreciates and offers incentives to our employees to recognize their work and dedication because we believe that not all work can be done by one single person, there are dedicated resources in an organization to carry out particular tasks. Sky Resources also supports open communication between superiors and subordinates because we believe through communication can increase the trust and care of colleagues, there is where we combine and work together as one.

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SRGCare towards our people & community

Sky Resources Group believes in contributing back to the local society, which is the fundamental building block of a healthy growing community that will boost the economy, strengthen the harmony amongst the people, and giving hope to our future generations.

With such values in mind, Sky Resources Group strives with our best effort to support those who are in need, to provide the basic necessity for them to be able to live a more comfortable life, so that they in turn are able to focus on more important things in life.

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Little Sisters of the Poor

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St. Nicholas’ Home

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