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Essential Balance Skin Prebiotic for All Skin Types

Bacteria live from our sweat, sebum and skin. It PROTECTS us from hostile bacteria and fungi. Skin becomes uncomfortable as the hostile organisms outnumbered the friendly bacteria causing skin itchiness, redness, irritations, excess scaling & red spots.


When you provide good bacteria on your skin the proper nutrients, it thrives to HEAL & PREVENT SKIN COMPLICATIONS.

But useful organisms live on a delicate balance. Therefore our Daily Lifestyle Activities can DESTROY their harmony, when:

  • Excess hygiene (cleaning) | Preservatives | Sunlight | Extreme coldness | Medicine (especially antibiotics)


What makes Prebiotics DIFFERENT from other skincare?

All other skincare concentrate on human skin cells and processes but ONLY PREBIOTICS look after the skin's micro-flora.




Whitening Plant Synergy for All Skin Types

Why should I use whitening with anti-pollution?

Most whitening products only focus on whitening the surface of the skin. But with protection against pollutants and environmental stress factors, your skin is detoxified to increase penetration and absorption of whitening ingredients.


Skin complexion is brightened, recovered its smoothness and its natural radiance effectively.

Therapy Hard Mask Series with H20 Advanced Spectrum Serum

Collagen Stimulation WARM Therapy Hard Mask and Botanical HydraGeneration COLD Therapy Hard Mask with H20 Advanced Spectrum Serum enhancer allows:


  • Optimal moisture into every skin layer with different molecular weight
  • Lock the hydrating activity for IMMEDIATE and LONG-TERM skin elasticity
  • Reduce TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss)
Snow Bird Nest Intense Collagen for All Skin Types

Naturally, collagen starts to get worn down starting around age 35.

"No matter how much sunscreen you wear, the collagen-making cells will eventually lose energy with excessive sun exposure"

Due to excess sun exposure and damage from earlier years, enzymes that break down the old and damaged collagen becomes overactive causing collagen loss at young age.

Artificial Colour-Free Anti-Ageing Skin Care

An anti-ageing skin care created specifically to confront issues of the majority: dull, dry and ageing skin.

Pore Hydrate Enriched Mineral for Oily Skin

Dry but Oily Skin: While your skin might have enough oil, it may be lacking in water. When your skin senses that it's losing hydration, it actually produces more oil in attempt to protect itself. 


If you already have oily skin, this can lead to the confusing dry oily skin feel, making your skin tight, flaky or exhibiting fine lines while a layer of oil sits on the surface of your skin.

Beauty Soap

Create your desired soap with custom formulation in various shapes and sizes, be it 24K Gold Soap, Luffa Soap or Bird's Nest Soap!


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