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NASI LEMAK, the unique aromatics of coconut milk (Santan Kelapa), mixed with multitude of local herbs & spices, topped with the burning hot chili sambal, a local breakfast that Malaysians can’t live without. It is also the food we miss the most whenever we travel and wish we can bring it wherever we go. Since Covid-19 pandemic, the need of personal hygiene requires us to bring hand sanitizer with us all the time as well. 

Being a true Malaysian, we love our Nasi Lemak so much,  we wanted you to bring Nasi Lemak together with you wherever you go! Let us introduce to youNasi Lemak Hand Sanitizer, the latest innovative product from Sky Resources. 

Infused with all the aromatic flavors you can’t resist, enhanced with over 1million Scoville Heat Unit of Burning Hot Ghost Chili extract, our Nasi Lemak Hand Sanitizer is soooo Hot, even the bacteria and viruses can’t handle the heat, it will exterminate them all, leaving your hands clean and covered with the Nasi Lemak fragrance that you love, everywhere you go!


Gotcha! This is a promotional social media posting we created for April Fool’s Day.  We hope you love Nasi Lemak as much as we do 🙂  Remember to wash your hands and use Hand Sanitizers to keep your hands clean whenever possible.  Stay Healthy & Stay Safe.

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