milktea still 01 Sky Resources Milk Tea Series

Milk Tea Refreshing Shower Cream

SRGCare Milk Tea Refreshing Shower Cream is one of the Milk Tea inspired Personal Care series. With its’ irresistible brown sugar scent, infused together with the refreshing fragrance of tea will help your body to relax and refresh at the same time.  Enriched with Milk and Honey, it will gently cleanses and repairs, leaving your skin moisturized and delicately fragrant.

milktea still 02 Sky Resources Milk Tea Series

Milk Tea Nourishing Shampoo

SRGCare Milk Tea Nourishing Shampoo is Enriched with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Jojoba Oil to nourish hair & influence shine. Formulated with Betaine & Panthenol (Provitamin B5) delivering much-needed moisture to dry, parched hair, strengthening and restore elasticity & preventing breakage. Also, it helps to protect against scalp flaking and itchiness, together with its heavenly milk, honey, brown sugar & tea scent.

milktea still 03 Sky Resources Milk Tea Series

Milk Tea Smoothing Conditioner

SRGCare Milk Tea Smoothing Conditioner is made with milk, honey and tea, it is specially formulated to give you noticeably smooth, manageable hair. Active ingredients such as Betaine & Panthenol (Provitamin B5) help to maintain a healthy hair by strengthening our hair to reduce damage, adding softness and flexibility to hair as well. It delivers multiple moisture-retention benefits, giving our hair a more silky, softer & smoother feel.

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