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Chinese New Year 2021 Seasonal Greetings Gift Set

We strive to offer the best services possible to all our customers and show our appreciation towards our clients during this festive season.

Sky Resources would not have become one of the Malaysia’s best OEM Skin Care manufacturer without the continuous support of our clientele throughout the years. 

With celebrating SRG’s 30 years anniversary of innovative excellence, alongside with the 2021 Chinese New Year, we created a box of goodness with our latest innovative personal care & nutraceutical products that specially designed for our valuable clients. 

Chinese new year CNY greeting gift set

The concept for 2021 Chinese New Year gift box is surrounding the idea of “Beauty Blossoming From Within”. We use various blossoming Peony flowers as the main design element because, in Chinese culture Peony is a symbol of Auspicious, Prosperity & Abundance.

With the tagline 美丽Cow自己coincide with the Year of the Ox, we play around with the English word 【Cow】which has the same pronunciation of Chinese word 【靠】, making the tagline bears the meaning of “Beauty Relies On Ourselves”.

Chinese new year CNY greeting gift set

Inside the gift box, one of the latest Personal Care Product range that was developed by our Research & Innovative team is the SRGCare Hydrating & Nourishing Shower Oil. Two different fragrances were developed uniquely for the Shower Oil: Fresh Geranium with Lavender, voluptuous floral accord that gives you luxury & sensual aromaand Fruity Floral & Oceanic Breeze, a concoction of unique fruity and watery notes that gives you light & refreshing scent throughout the day.

Infused with Jojoba Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil which are excellent moisturizers, it restores dry skin leaving it smooth and soft.

Chinese new year CNY greeting gift set
Chinese new year CNY greeting gift set

We hoped that this little Box of Goodness will bring Abundance of Prosperity, Health and Happiness to our clients.  The Ezzy Yoghurt that helps with the digestion from all the big feast during the holidays, and the Shower Oil to keep your body Refreshing and Radiant all day long.

Sky Resources wishes you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Wing Ooi 

Business Development & Retail Platform Executive (Shopee) 

The presence of Wing alone will light up a room. Her charismatic & energetic character will definitely brighten up your day. She’s a humble person that always willing to help those in need. She’s a big fan of Mayday (Mando-pop band) and also a food connoisseur. 

Bee Ann

Senior Research & Innovation Chemist, Skin Care & Cosmetic

As someone who sees her dedication as her strengths, Ann is also an idealist that will make the best of every situation where she deems fit. Considering that she is someone who is reticent but very easy-goingshe very much enjoys anything that could bring her great amusement and could possibly crack her up. 

Saw Teng, Teoh 

Senior Research & Innovation Lead Chemist, Sky Nutraceuticals 

As someone who is considered to be eidetic, Teoh takes pride in her work and acknowledge this strength as one of her many superpowers. Teoh oversees the research & formulation of the consumable food & supplement department. She also enjoys many delicious delicacies when she is feeling famished as it keeps her happy.

Elaine Ong

Digital Marketing Executive, Sky Resources &

Elaine is passionate about constant self-improvement & welcome challenges because she never gives up no matter how difficult it is. Her focus is on digital marketing, market trend research, as well as creative marketing campaign. She enjoys baking and always bakes delicious pastries for her co-workers.

Elliot Chang 

Senior Creative Designer   

Mastermind behind the scene.  Elliot has been working in the Creative scene for over 15years. Secretly plotting his plan to take over the world in his tin foil hat and mouse cursor.

Hui Chee Khor 

Creative Designer & Video Editor

A very bright individual who loves putting her ideas to life and someone who is always striving to be the best version of herself every day. At work she is responsible for editing videos and packaging design. During her free time, HuiChee has a passion for Taiwanese opera and Chinese costume play hence making her someone who is very captivating. 

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