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Established in 1991, Sky Resources started as a small-scale Skincare OEM manufacturer. With ambitions, determinations and experiences, Sky Resources has successfully expanded Private Label and Contract Manufacturing beyond Skincare to Personal Care, Hair Care and Cosmetics.

Our team of business professionals and cosmetic specialists have honed more than 30 years of experience, practicing integrity, Unity and Harmony in their occupation. Combine with application of stringent adherence and safety compliance, we assured our customers of safe product source, product quality, cosmetic regulations and Halal compliance.

At Sky Resources, we are deeply connected to the communities in which we live and work in. We are transparent about the way we do business and we take courage to shape a better future.

We are committed to being a world class organization that upholds fundamental human rights, empowers employees, celebrates diversity, and drives an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Our Vision

Unique from the normativity

Our Mission

Combine research and innovation as well as ideation and concept creation to provide our partner with a full range of service and brands’ uniqueness that is adaptable for new eras.

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