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Beauty Wonderland

Formulated and designed for the Year of the Rabbit 2023, this exclusive seasonal gift box holds a selection of 6 red packets, 3 skincare products, 1 food supplement sachet, and 1 metal-cased chewable candies, all with an individualistic design that evokes the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland, while incorporating Lunar New Year elements associated with the Rabbit zodiac.

pentawards shortlist 2023 beauty wonderland gift box
Sky Resources Beauty Gift Set

The outer packaging design of this enchanting gift box features striking bold colors, with a large circular shape in the middle that resembles a rabbit hole. On top of that, considering the reflection of the festive atmosphere, new year greetings in Mandarin characters that translated as “Dreams Come True” fill the four corners of the gift box, adding an oriental twist to the overall packaging look.

Inside, users will be greeted by a dreamy meadow that welcomes them into a wonderland of beauty and wellness, with all products displayed neatly as the centerpiece. Like Alice’s journey through the Looking Glass, the product names are presented in ambigram typography that can be read from multiple angles. Moreover, the six distinctively designed red packets within the red packet box are a subtle nod to some of the iconic “Alice in Wonderland” scenes.

Sky Resources Beauty Gift Set
Sky Resources Beauty Gift Set

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