Finding a good reliable skincare manufacturer in Malaysia is indeed a tough selection as most of the manufacturers are offering similar services. But, to measure which skincare manufacturer matches your objectives and able to assist you in a successful business, you have to put these factors into your checklist.

Sky Resources, the OEM skincare manufacturer in Malaysia has more than 25 years of experience in skincare production and formulation is the right skincare manufacturer for your consideration. Considered yourself either a successful set up corporate or a new starter in the skincare business, you still need an expert to assist you better. By starting with a good skincare manufacturer, it can contribute up to 30% to your route to a successful business.

Let’s find out what are the important factors before deciding on the right skincare manufacturer in Malaysia.

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#1 – Professional Solution Providers
It is very important to communicate well with the skincare manufacturer to express your requirements & ideas on the new products. A professional solutions provider can provide great suggestions and assist you better in launching your new products. Thus, the experience is the key to deciding on the right skincare manufacturer.

Before talking to the team, do prepare the checklist to ensure all the points are included especially on the functions, finishing textures, and scents. Not to forget to check with the team on the laboratory tests if you want to have organic or vegan ingredients in your products. To let the team understand completely may reduce the unnecessary mistakes that may lead to delay in the process. Do read the terms and conditions before signing the contract to ensure your intellectual property is well-born by legal protection. A reputable skincare manufacturer will practice professionalism ethics on confidentiality and privacy of their customers to assure the projects details are non-disclosed and well protected.

Sharing your brand ideas and directions to the team where their experience may assist you in terms of formulations, packaging, and finding the product niche. The experienced team could propose suitable packaging and pack size after the discussion to turn your dream into reality! Talk to our team to start developing your brand today!

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#2 – One-Stop Solutions

Always look for the skincare manufacturer that provides one-stop solutions as it will save up tonnes of product development time and reduce common mistakes along the process. A complete process of developing a new product could start from concept sharing & directions, sample requesting, product functions and formulation, sourcing the right packaging, packaging designs, and meet the expected delivery date.

A One-Stop Solution skincare manufacturer can provide you the supports like formulation and packaging proposals precisely as they have reliable suppliers with many selections. Common errors like wrong measurements for packaging could be eliminated since everything will be handled by the same team under the same hub. Apart from that, customers can be more focused on other marketing strategies by letting the professional team handles the process.

Sky Resources, the skincare manufacturer in Malaysia that provides a one-stop solution to their customers includes formulation research & development, creative & innovative conceptual packaging design and sourcing, in-house printing services, and logistics services. Share your concepts with our team let us handle everything for you without hassles!

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#3 – Exclusive and Trademark Ingredients

The beauty industry is moving at a very fast pace, an experienced Research and Innovative team of Skincare manufacturer must be able to advise their customers on the latest trends on ingredients and technologies that meet their requirements and expectations. The uniqueness of the formulation makes your products stand out from the others; therefore, a good skincare manufacturer must have their exclusivity and Trademark ingredients that represent their specialty.

The ability to source the exclusive ingredients globally indicates the strength of the skincare manufacturer and help them in building more opportunities for different customers. The combination of the formulations from R&D experts and new technologies can make a huge difference, where the skincare manufacturers can take the initiative to offer a real unique formulation to their potential customers. To get more details, do talk to our team on our exclusivity and trademark ingredients, which will give you better ideas for your next project.

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#4 – Good Manufacturing Practise (GMPs)

A reliable and reputable skincare manufacturer in Malaysia is required to practice Good Manufacturing Practise (GMPs) or ISO 22716 to ensure they comply with the law and regulations and achieve the expected standard. GMP certified means that the Skincare manufacturer has demonstrated a clear regulatory responsibility and compliance with universal GMP standards. Based on scientific analysis and risk assessment, following the GMPs guidelines can assure the product quality throughout the operations. By practicing GMPs, the skincare manufacturer can guarantee their products are safe to use by the public.

Sky Resources has our very own QA/QC team to ensure every product meets the GMPs guideline and standards. Our GMP is certified by NPRA (National Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Agency), ISO 22716, and ISO 9001 is accredited by UKAS and Standards Malaysia. To find out more details about GMPs, and other certifications, please contact our team.

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#5 – HALAL Certifications

According to indexmundi, Malaysia consists of more than 61% of the Muslim population, the skincare manufacturers must follow the HALAL rules and regulations to ensure the products fit the Muslim religious believes. All the selected ingredients must follow the HALAL guidelines to avoid sensitive issues as Muslims will only shop for products with HALAL certifications.

Since Malaysia is a multi-racial country, and Malays contributed the largest proportionate of populations, the business owner has to put HALAL certified as one of the biggest considerations in their products. By doing so, the products can have the highest acceptance level by the market.

In Sky Resources, our team is expertise in Malaysia skincare law and regulations to guarantee all the ingredients are HALAL certified. Furthermore, we understand which skincare ingredients are banned in Malaysia and avoid unnecessary common mistakes in the skincare manufacturing process. Talk to our team to find out more information regarding skincare products related certification and registration.

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#6 – Creative & Innovative Conceptualize team

Creativity holds an important point to develop a product’s concept, other than functionality. The outstanding design packaging could help your products stand out in the market and get noticeable by the public. To create more market impacts, sometimes the concepts can collaborate with Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) or Food & Beverages (F&Bs) companies. These creative concepts may bring great childhood memories or could be popular beverages which can be the topics that go viral in social media, which is one of the most effective methods to promote your new products.

Product concepts are vital; however, the unique and innovative packaging is also part of the significant requirements. An eye-catching packaging with a great design concept could bring up more market awareness. The experienced creative team can enhance marketing strategy to perform better.

The creative and innovative team is essential in the skincare manufacturer company to complete as the one-stop solution hub. Ideas sharing can be fantastic, talk to our team about your aim and brand story. We will try our best to assist you to achieve your dream!

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